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Jazz music came form Chicago around 1915. Jazz was played in New Orleans prior to that time but was not called jazz. In the 1920’s, big jazz bands began to form. White and Black Jazz had a lot in common. One thing that they had in common was their tune. In the early 1930’s, Black Jazz became extremely popular. For example, Ella Fitzgerald made tremendous fame from her wonderful singing. Jazz is not as popular now as it was in the 50s and 60s. Since a lot of the jazz legends have died, like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. Now, jazz is almost starting over with new stars and music.


From the very beginning pop music associated with music which had popular appeal. But since 1950s it has been used as separated music genre. Pop music contains the majority of the music on today's top charts. It is an eclectic mix of many different styles of music - from jazz to country; rock and roll to rap; be-bop to hip-hop. Pop artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Maxwell, and others smoothes out the lines between these musical genres with their award-winning tunes. For this reason, pop music has helped make the music industry a multi-billion dollar a year business. It can be easily downloaded from various online music stores.